Why should we have sex in a different way or Positions? 

To improve a relationship, it is imperative to have sex in life, and in the same way, it is essential to use different positions during sex, due to which the couple can enjoy it very well along with the satisfaction of the partner. And then Both of you will feel happy with a fresh mind. We are going to tell you some such special positions by which you can use your sexual life to make those moments of your life special and you can also feel the ultimate happiness. so let's start now. 

Note:-Each of our Best Sex Positions Ever comes recommended by some of the best experts out there 

A few positions should be on your bedroom bucket list:-

1 - Magic Mountain

2 - Ballet Dancer

3 - Reverse Cowgirl

4 - Cowboy

5 - Doggy Style

6 - Missionary

7 - Table Top

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Amazing doggy-style sex position on the knee

If you have been bored with your ordinary sex positions. So you can try this amazing position which we call doggy style. Which will come new flavor in your sex life. In this, the woman usually takes a kneeling position facing away from her partner.in this one position, the pillow will be kept below the tummy. so that there is no discomfort.


1 - in which the penis hits the G-spot well. that surrounds the vaginal wall

2 - Taking the position on the knees of the woman gives room for clitoral stimulation with the hands. 

A Magic mountain sex position is the Ultimate Enjoyable

It is quite similar to doggy style but requires the man to bend over the Escort in Rishikesh so that her back is against his chest. And this one pose hit the G spot and stimulates the clitoris. there is no eye contact in this position. And every boy goes gaga for this and

Switch around your body position to have even more fun on the mountain of lust. climb a little higher so that he is almost lying on top of you for a while. But you won't feel extraordinary so please visit our 


1 - And this one position more useful for pregnancy 

2 - It offers dual stimulation

Try this Ballet Dancer sex position stand facing each other

You will make flexibility in your body so that can you put your leg on his shoulder.

Then your partner will support your legs with one hand. afterward, you will feel your comfort level so high in this position after that you can enjoy it.


1 - It's an adaptable position. Using the wall as support, both partners can adapt the position to suit them. ...

2 -  It gives us double the excitement

3 -  Full body workout

A simple way to make a Reverse Cowgirl sex position

You may not have fun in sex with them all the time but when you do, it s one memorable night. For men who love it when women take control, the cowgirl position helps you do just that. You Can Make the most of this sensuous position all night

1 - It gives them total control of the experience and allows them to attack their orgasm …

2 - Can enjoy the excitement of super-deep penetration


Cowboy sex position easily make your night special 

This one pose gives us a lot of pleasure there is no need for flexibility. You can see his face in this position, the way the body moves then you will feel bliss. And this is the best position. Simple and easy


1 - It’s safe and doesn't hurt your body

2 - this position gives you a high orgasm 

3 - And this one position helps burn a lot of calories. when your body produces a lot of  sweat

Sensual joy missionary sex position

This one is a simple position but we get more and more excitement. and your partner will like this position as well. There is a comfortable position. This position has also been given the name of the 67 positions. And you will get equal sensual joy at the same time. you can come to more closely with your partner. and as well sex will be benignant.


1 - There is a lot of sensuality in this position 

2 - In this position, the body of men and women are touching each other.

Table-top sex position easy access to the clitoris 

The tabletop position allows easy access to the clitoris. "Either partner can stimulate the clitoris with their hands or a toy during the stroke. Also, the clitoris can be gently pushed down to receive stimulation during the stroking motion." Plus, this position enhances intimacy.


1 - Best Sex position For Female 

2 - The Tabletop position is perfect for kitchen sex 

3 - It also offers the excitement of a standing position 

You can make your sex life easy and enjoyable with these sex positions 

You can get easily extreme pleasure 

When you will use all these positions step by step then you will release more orgasm

These all sex positions boost your chances of getting pregnant 

And it will fulfill your happiness with your partner 

Stress level will be low after using these positions 

By using these sex positions your time limit will increase in your sex life.

You can build a strong relationship after using above sex positions

You might find some positions more pleasurable than others

These sex positions will complete your physical demands depending on your health status,

It will provide you with new energy after using these few mindblowing positions of sex